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Fun, Interactive, Learning Activities and Holiday Schedule in St. Petersburg, FL


Monthly Calendar and Activities

The Holidays (dates we will be closed All Day and Early closings) 2017 - 2018 year:

  • Mon 7/4/17 Independence Day
  • Fri 8/11/17 Close 1:00pm (staff in-service)
  • Mon 9-4-17 Labor Day
  • Fri 11/10/17 Veterans Day
  • Mon 11/20/17 thru 11/24/17 Thanksgiving Week
  • Mon 12/25/17 Christmas Eve Observed
    Tue 12/26/17 Christmas Day Observed
  • Mon 1/2/18 New Years Day Observed
  • Mon 1/15/18 MLK Jr. Day
  • Mon 2/19/18 Close 1:00pm (Presidents Day)
  • Fri 3/30/18 Close 1:00pm (Good Friday)
  • Mon 5/28/18 Memorial Day
*Check the Center for other Early Release Dates and closings!

    All Activities and lessons done with the children are always age appropriate.
    Our Themes and Focus items are guidelines to create fun and interactive lessons and activities, that help to encourage participation.
    Each month we may add sporadic lessons as they happen or become available to us.


Themes: Circus, Measuring (height, weight, full, empty, big, little), Winter,
Transportation (things that take us places), Traffic signs

Holiday: Martin Luther King's Birthday

Focus: We will work on recognizing and naming the Letters in our names;
Recognizing and naming colors

Character Development:
Self- motivation (Encourage positive thinking, and working in a careful and
consistent manner without giving up)

Voluntary Pre Kindergarten (VPK) Registration - OPEN NOW!
School doesn't start in kindergarten anymore... it starts in VPK!
Children turning 4 years old on or before September 1, of the current year, are eligible to register for the VPK school year beginning in the Fall.
Parents must provide proof of Florida residence, (drivers license or home utility bill with your name on it) and the child’s birthday, (birth certificate of shot record).
For more information and to register visit: and upload required documents.
call 727-400-4411 to make an appointment for in person registration
Themes: Healthy habits (dental, grooming), Friendship, Black History, Multicultural awareness (self esteem)

Holidays: Valentines, President's Day

How old are you? (birthdates), Shapes

Character Development: Tolerance (encouraging patience, acceptance, and open mindedness)

Picture Day is usually in February / March
Flyers with background choices are given to our families and posted for reference and as a reminder.
Dress the children comfortable and just let their personalities shine on that day!
Themes: Weather (Seasons), Nutrition (five food groups), On the farm

Holiday: St. Patrick’s Day

Focus: Naming and writing letters, recognizing and naming colors

Character Development: Honesty / Trustworthiness (openness and sincerity)
Themes: Growing / changing things (seeds to plants, egg to chick, tadpole to frog, caterpillar to butterfly), spring, Community workers

Holidays: Good Friday, Easter

Focus: Identifying and Writing numbers / Identifying-how many, shapes (2 dimensional and 3 dimensional)

Character Education: Self Control (managing your emotions and choosing acceptable behavior)
Themes: Animals (zoo, pets), Things in the sky (balloons, kite, stars, moon, clouds, sun), Water Safety

Holidays: Mothers day, Memorial Day

Focus: Identifying and Writing (letters, names), Identifying colors

Character Education: Caring (Being kind, friendly, considerate and willing to listen, give and share)

EARLY CLOSING: 1:00 pm on the day of Graduation.

Our PreK students will be ending their year with a graduation ceremony (voluntary participation) at the end of the program year. Families have been given details for participation.
Themes: Dinosaurs, Summer activities (see Summer Activities list)

Holiday: Father's Day

Focus: Review letters and numbers, colors and shapes

Character Education: Courage (Being brave in difficult situations, challenging yourself)

SUMMER ACTIVITES will begin at the end of this month and each family will be given a calendar to help each child remember to participate.

We will also post a new HOLIDAY CALENDAR to include dates we will be closed and dates we will have early release, for the next 12 months.

Every Friday is school tee shirt day!
We have 2 new designs to choose from as well as many different, bright colors (red and purple as seen below) and others include: yellow, green, orange, pink and blue.
Themes: Under the sea, Countries (Flags), Summer, Continue summer activities

Holiday: forth of July (Independence Day)

Focus: Review letters, numbers, colors & shapes

Character Education: Patriotism (Setting examples of loyalty, devotion and Demonstratring allegiance to ones country, Nationalism)
Themes: Safety (strangers, Seatbelts, fire, water), Vacation, transitioning (new class/ school).

Focus: Review letters, numbers, colors & Shapes

Character Education: Respect ( Treating yourself and others with courtesy and consideration)

Staff In-service Day is always the Friday before the first day of school we close 1/2 day at 1:00pm.
Theme: Welcome to school, School safety / class rules, Nursery rhymes, Fairy tales

Holiday: Labor day

Focus: Alphabet

Character Education: Responsibility (Doing your best and taking ownership for your words and actions, liability, dependability)
Theme: Hibernation, baby animals, Fire Safety

Holiday: Columbus Day, Halloween

Focus: Numbers

Character Education: Cooperation or fairness (Getting along with others ad working together to accomplish a goal, Being open minded and reasonable, play by the rules and don’t take advantage of others.

Picture Day is usually around this time of year.
Flyers with background choices are given to our families and posted for reference and as a reminder.
Dress the children comfortable and just let their personalities shine on that day!
Theme: Family, Manners, Opposites, Fall (leaves changing), Five senses

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Focus: Recognizing letters, colors

Character Education: Citizenship (Being law abiding and involved in service to school, community and country, help take care of the environment, obey the law)
Theme: Children around the world, My body

Holidays: Christmas, Hanukkah, Quanza

Focus: Recognizing numbers, shapes

Character Education: Kindness (Being nice and considerate to others, compassion, gentleness, humanity, sympathy)

*We try not to have many food related activities to celebrate holidays. Instead we plan more fun games and hands on activities to celebrate the day. Parents are encouraged and welcomed to participate in any of our planned activities and or celebrations. We have voluntary sign-up sheets in the classes to let you know what you can bring or do for these activities.