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Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten also known as VPK in St. Petersburg, FL

Our center offers the Voluntary Pre Kindergarten (VPK) Program during the school year.
  • Our VPK program runs Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm through out the school year. The program offers 540 hours of instruction each program year.
  • The center does offer wrap around care or what is also known as before and after care for VPK children at the same rates listed for Full time care - Whether it's before or after care, or combined.
  • Enrollment will be open for full day care before we open for VPK hours only. As we are a center that only offers full time care.
  • When your child is eligible for VPK (turning 4 years old before Sept. 1st) and enrolled with us, we will give the families information to get the child registered for the program. We will also have an orientation before the start of the year that your child is eligible.
  • When in the VPK program, it is important that each child is here everyday and on time in order for the program to be beneficial to the child. We are given only 3 hours a day in which to get the children ready for Kindergarten. So the more they are here the more valuable the program is to the children.
  • We ask that you try to make appointments after the program hours and try to plan vacations and such days off, for non VPK instructional dates. This will help eliminate absences from the program.
  • Each child is allowed to miss up to 36 days of the school year. This is an average of (4) absences each month. We will be reminding our families of your child's absences.
  • If the child's absences exceed 36 days and the year is not over, they will be withdrawn from the program at our center. If you choose to continue care with us thereafter regular fees will apply.
  • If enrolled in our VPK program only and the child is dropped off before 9 am, there will be a fee and if picked up after 12 noon, the late fee will apply ($1 per minute).
  • Sign in and out procedure will be followed and in addition, parents will need to verify the child's attendance at the end of each month by signing the monthly verification form that we provide.
  • There will also be a Graduation Ceremony for any family who wish to participate. The fee will be no more than $55 (usually less). This is voluntary for all enrolled students moving on to Kindergarten. VPK families are not required to participate. Graduation will be in the afternoon, or evening and towards, or at the end of the school year.
VPK online Registration usually opens starting in January for the next school year.
School doesn't start in kindergarten anymore... it starts in VPK!

Children who are turning 4 years old before September 1st, of the year, are now eligible to register for VPK for the Fall School year. Parents are required to provide proof of Florida residence, (drivers license or home utility bill, with their name and current address) and proof of the child's age, (birth certificate or updated Immunization record).
For more information and to register, visit: , create an account and upload the (2) required documents.

Within 10 days to 2 weeks you will receive (via email) your certificate of eligibility, which you will take to the center of your choice to have your child enrolled for the Fall VPK program. Call 727-400-4411 for more information.